Globalism and International Protest

Yesterday on the 30th of January 2017 protests were held accross major UK cities against the actions of the newly elected American President, Donald Trump.

Regardless if you agree with the President (and he is the President) and his actions or not such protest action in Britain is at best a token gesture and at worst actively counterproductive. The intention of such protests is naturally to voice opposition to President Trump  with the ultimate gain of attaining a reversal of said policy, however for the British to be engaged in such a fashion is folly. Trump is without a doubt a figure of the growing wave of anti-globalism movement that seems to be occuring accross the western world, he is inherently nationalistic as should be apparent from observation. Thus then the question must be asked why would trump care what the population of Britain thinks of him?

The simple answer is that he would not, and does not care.

If the goal of the protest is to make our government offically denounce his policy then certainly that would have a bigger impact, but ultimately it would accomplish nothing more than the worsening of diplomatic relations between our nations, something that neither nation, but especially britain, wants. Holding America to ransom diplomatically is impossible, not to mention incredibly stupid.

To Trump then these protests are nothing more than a symptom of the evils of globalism. Put yourself in his shoes for a second – why do these people who live hundreds of miles from your shores think they have the right to influence your politics, to decide what happens in your country? These protests serve as nothing more than galvinisation for Trump.

The protests can be defended as a show of support for the american protestors, but our support means literally nothing and if it comes at the very least the cost of disrupting our own services (police etc), at worst damaging relations and/or further commiting Trump, what is the point?

Essentially the protests boil down to nothing more than a self indulgence, a feel good action.

Somewhat tangentially, what right do British people have to protest Trumps immigration and travel ban? The answer is for the most part none. Anyone who is not either from one of the affected countries or from America should not have the audacity to attempt to dictate their domestic and foreign policy, not unless they feel it is their responsibility to attempt to dictate every countries policies – but then where are the protests against say Hungarys border fences, Macedonias border fences, Saudi Arabias almost literal slavery.

Protest in Britain against Trump would be justified by a few key things, violation of international agreements and human rights infringements being central. Neither of these have so far occured. Entry to the united states is not a human right, and America is not bound by any pact or law that says they must allow access to people from the countries they have banned.